Hey guys! If you click on the banner above, it will send you to the Amazon Ideas Lists I have created for you guys.

There are currently four lists: (You can click on the lists below.)

  • Pew Pew Toys List: a list of pew pew parts that I have bought or owned.
  • Pew Pew Christmas List: a list of premium pew pew parts that may not be for those on a budget but are examples of the best options on Amazon.
  • Streamer Stuff: a list of everything you'll need to make a super awesome streamer setup.
  • Podcasting: a list of everything you'll need to make a super awesome podcasting setup!
  • Pew Pew on a Budget: a list of pew pew parts that are affordable but don't skimp out on quality!

Disclaimer: I have two disclaimers. 

  1. I make a small percentage of anything you buy. The proceeds go straight back into my Amazon account as a credit so I can keep on buying stuff to review and put on lists for you guys!
  2. There is only ONE list above which I 100% own or purchase everything on that list and that is the Pew Pew Toys List. The other lists are compiled from stuff I own and stuff I have researched. With that said, even if I don't own it, I won't put anything on that list I wouldn't buy for myself. Consider the lists personal recommendations on my part.

Personal Reviews

I plan to make some reviews weekly on some of the stuff I bought. I figured, I am already buying this stuff, might as well show it to you guys. I will be posting much of my thoughts on Instagram but I will post a written article of those items here! Links to existing articles will be found below.