Episode 10: Unrefined games and how developers may not care to deliver a finished product.

Hey everyone! Thanks for catching us on our 10th episode!
Today, we are joined by our weekly co-hosts, Kevin and Justin while we discuss how developers release unrefined games, how China is pushing Blizzard around, and how Battlegrounds is coming to console. Unfortunately Mike couldn’t be with us today but be sure to catch him on our next podcast!
Make sure to add us on all your gaming mediums. Find Kevin on Playstation and Xbox as Chocolatluver – I could not possibly make this up- and you can find Mike on those same platforms as PineappleSemtex. You can find me, your host, as Roadzter on Playstation and Roadztergaming on Instagram and Twitter. You can find Justin on Xbox and Steam as Snoke24 (and he DID NOT steal that from Star Wars…)
For those of you who are new to the show, thank you for joining up and make sure to keep coming back!
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